What is Paternity Fraud/Child Support Fraud?

Basically, wrong fathers are being named as biological fathers through intentional or unintentional mistakes by the mother.

Mothers intentionally or unintentionally name the wrong father for a child.  Mothers know who they've had sex with but don't seem to be held accountable for that fact.  Wrong fathers are named for various reasons:  prefers one man over another, or financial gain, or she's married and doesn't want to admit an affair.  If the mother isn't married and names a man to be the father to collect child support, and he is never notified, after appoximately 30 days, he has to pay for child support whether he is the father or not.  The default child support judgment is already in effect after that 30 days and irreversible, according to the Child Support Services.  Even if he can successfully get the mother to agree to a DNA test, and he's not the father, he still has to pay child support payments for a child that is not his, the judgment is still irreversible.  Child Support Services inform these men, "that's too bad, it's the law, pay up."  There are cases of men who are married, get a divorce, have their visitation rights taken away, the children are not his biological children, and he still has to pay child support for these children that he can't even see anymore, aren't his and the women get remarried.  This is complete abuse of power by the child support services.  The law should demand that there is proof of DNA paternity before any "default" fathers are made responsible.  When a judge can name a "default" father with no merit, no proof, no DNA, no blood test, no mother's testimony, this is abuse of power.  Recent paternity fraud legislation effective in January 2005, makes it possible in California to request proof of DNA.  However if you have no financial resources to hire an attorney, experienced in child support fraud, to get your judgment reversed, you are SOL.  You need at least $5,000 just to start litigation.  So once again poor people can not get justice in the American justice system.

If a man gets approximately 30 days behind on a child support payment (even if he's not the DNA father), the Child Support Services takes away his drivers license and any licenses to practice any business are taken away, including teaching certificates, notary licenses, fishing license, passport, etc.  His bank account may be seized and tax refunds seized without notice.  Essentially his livlihood is taken away.  How can he make extra money for what he owes in back pay, if he can't earn a living?  How can he even get a second job to catch up, if he has to tell a prospective employer that he doesn't have a driver's license?  Men who are proven fathers and who are trying righteously to make their child support payments have their drivers license (in essence their livlihood) taken away if they get behind on their payments.  There just aren't enough buses in the Los Angeles area to get men to their places of work to warrant taking away a drivers license. What morons in our legislature have made this the law?